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Sergeevna Dukhina

Managing partner

Ekaterina Dukhina is one of the leading attorneys-at-law in the field of civil, administrative, family and criminal law in Russia.

Ekaterina Dukhina became an attorney-at-law in 2002 and currently is a member of the Moscow Bar Association. Over the years, Ekaterina Dukhina has created a team of highly qualified lawyers specializing in various fields of civil, administrative, family and criminal law.

Ekaterina Dukhina and her team protect rights and legal interests of individuals and legal entities in courts, provide legal counseling for corporate transactions and legal support for the activities of Russian and foreign corporations in all areas of market relations, provide legal assistance in settlement of complicated divorce proceedings and property disputes, take conduct of inheritance cases, settle complicated administrative disputes, provide assistance in defending clients on charges of economic crimes.

Ekaterina has long been in cooperation with lawyers from the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Cyprus and other jurisdictions on the issues of legal assistance related to family and tax law, acquisition of real estate and protection of property interests.

Ekaterina is a frequent guest at various television programs, as well as a sought after and quoted legal expert for radio and print media.

Dmitriy Barannikov


He is an alumnus of the Faculty of Law of Lomonosov Moscow State University (1994). Before becoming the member of Moscow Bar Association, he worked as a lawyer at the International Aerospace Corporation. He gained the status of a lawyer in 1998. He is a member of Moscow Bar Association.

He specializes in dealing with complicated criminal cases related to accusing of committing crimes in the area of economics. He has a vast experience of protection of heads and top managers of large commercial organizations, as well as heads of executive authorities of the Russian Federation and subjects of the Russian Federation.

He has a vast experience of successfully dealing with criminal cases in various subjects of the Russian Federation.

He was honored with written commendation of the First Secretary of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation – Academician E.P. Velikhov “For the contribution to the development of civil society in Russia, high level of professionalism, activity and competence demonstrated during the work related to resolving operative problems of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation”.

Foreign Economic Activity/Customs Law/Currency Regulation
Our team has extensive experience resolving customs and FX related disputes.We offer representation—Before customs and taxation authorities— In courts of law challenging excessive customs and other duties, civil liability, or criminal liability The services we offer help our clients persevere when faced with any legal challenges, however complex. We specialize in disputes regarding determining customs […]
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Succession Law
Our team provides legal assistance and support in settling any legal issues arising in the course of inheritance. The law office team helps to execute wills, including closed ones, takes conduct of inheritance cases, including those involving minors. Lawyers of the law office represent clients in litigations related to various types of inheritance and heritage, […]
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Family Law
Our team is highly experienced in protecting the clients’ interests in the field of family law both in Russia and abroad. They specialize in settling disputes in court and out of court, as well as in assessing prospects of court proceedings in various foreign jurisdictions. The law office provides legal assistance in execution of prenuptial […]
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Our team has many years of successful experience in protecting interests of large companies, their shareholders, as well as state authorities in arbitration courts, including international disputes. A significant number of disputes are settled at the stage of risk evaluation and basically elimination of possibilities for litigation.
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Civil Law
Our team provides legal assistance in settling disputes arising from civil matters. The law office is highly experienced in settling conflicts within out-of-court and contractual work, including arranging and bringing relations between citizens and legal entities in compliance with the law. Lawyers of the law office provide legal assistance at all stages of preparation and […]
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Tax Law
Our team provides legal advice on tax planning and management of tax risks, taxation of transactions, optimization of tax risks, as well as on issues arising in connection with operations in foreign jurisdictions. They provide legal assistance in representing the client in tax authorities, as well as in courts upon challenging decisions of tax authorities […]
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Labour Law
Our team is highly experienced in resolving individual and collective labor disputes, provides full legal protection of the client’s interests, including in relations with state institutions. Lawyers of the law office provide legal advice on the application of the current labour law.
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Housing Law
Our team provides legal assistance and represents clients in courts for housing law disputes. They prepare and support transactions for the acquisition or transfer of real estate, provide legal advice on equity participation in construction, execution of rental agreements and life estate contracts, settlement of disputes with the right to use residential premises.
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Criminal Law
Our team provides qualified legal assistance in criminal cases during inquiry and pre-trial investigation, as well as in courts. Lawyers of the law office also have many years of experience in coordinating the work of foreign lawyers ensuring effective representation of clients during criminal proceedings in various foreign jurisdictions.
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Land Law
The lawyer bureau represents the interests of the client
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